Caretakers of Chaos

The Great Beyond
The Party is wakes to find themselves in a new land
Storm Catcher
Razanton, Rosemary

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The Party set off to find the “Desert Witch” aka “Oz”

When they found her, she was on the front lines of the conflict between the resident Behir Nation and the Blue Dragon Spawn acting as medic to the Behir.

She told the party the location of her predecesor- the Gnarled Grove but advised against going there. It is a dangerous place.

The Party decided to heed her words and instead used Dontearse‘s mind-meld ritual to look into the old Dhoane medicine man’s memories and see the ritual themselves.

With that they viewed how Tempest was trapped within Rosemary’s body.

Sometimes cliches start off wonderful things...

While looking for some highwaymen who were terrorizing the town of place, Alyra and Damakos stumbled onto a portal hidden in an old mill. It activated, and they found themselves deposited in the middle of a desert (later to be revealed as the Hanash Valley).

Coughing on hands and knees, there was no civilzation in sight- just as Alyra began to despair, she and Damakos turned to see a very frightened Camel salesmen, and behind him, the city of Blackhoof.

As they wandered into the ciry, they noticed some peculiar things- no one spoke their common tongue, the town was full of tieflings, there were stange men in white robes every few blocks who just stood and watched the crowd, and there was swift punishment for those who stole- as Alyra and Damakos witnessed a merchant hack off the hand of a theif once he caught him.

One of the men in the robes sprang into action, tending to the wound so the thief didn’t bleed out, while Alyra berated the man for treating the thief so cruelly.

Looking for somewhere that might possibly be familiar territory, they located the local temple, where much to Alyra’s relief, the Sun God dominated. The relief was short-lived, however, because upon entering the temple, the differences were made very clear.

Each god represented in the temple was in bas relief, appearing as a tiefling. The elf became distraught and went into histerics- Zvinth, the head priest found a common language with Damakos (Draconic) and directed Alyra to a half-elf patron, Kadesh.

Kadesh attempted to calm Alyra by telling her that it wasn’t so bad, perhaps this sudden travel of theirs was an opportunity? She shared that she believed life was short and we shoudl live every moment to its most. Alyra agreed, then promptly kissed Damakos and everybody shared an akward moment.

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Kadesh directed them to the local tavern, The Lucky Scoundrel. Alyra voiced her disgust that it was also a brothel.

It was here that Damakos dicovered his one true love – God’s Knees.

Damakos and Alyra noticed another odd thing about the city- its distinct lack of dwarves. When they asked around about it, they were met with puzzled looks. Kadesh warned that they should be careful where they mentioned such things, and offered to hire the pair to investigate just why this race wasn’t in the city, and why nobody seemed to ask about it.

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While shopping, Alyra found she was being followed- when she confronted her follower, she met Xander.

The Begining...
A condensed version of the begining...

Alyra headed to the city of Ravenwood to meet up with her mentor. The head priest told her to go do a a little sight-seeing while they located the man.

New to such a large city, the church gave her a guide for the day- Damakos Kinzeal. While Damakos was showing her about the city, and generally helping her waste time in the market, Aravan spotted the pair as Damakos bought a particularly interesting piece of jewelry.

Alyra and Damakos eventually saw that they were being followed, stopped the would-be thief, and Alyra demanded he be punished. Damakos suggessted that he just remove Aravan’s hand- it was decided that they would just convert him instead.

The mentor couldn’t be found, it seemed he was missing! So Alyra, Damakos, and Aravan all went to the nearby town of Winterhaven to find him where he’d last been seen.

It was on their way that they were ambushed by Kobolds and the party met Skreek. After the other kobolds were dispatched, Damakos attempted to convert the kobold. Skreek was dubious at first, but being the sycophantic creature he was he agreed that the tiefling’s god must be great, for he so handily defeated Skreek and his brethren!

…. More later.


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